The small village of Buronzo lies to the north of Vercelli with its ancient old town and majestic castle dating back to the year one thousand.

The Castle stands on the only high ground in the surrounding plain between Vercelli and Biella.

Feud of "Guala di Casalvolone" under the empire of Conrad II, it was built on a previous fortification and after the year 1000 it became a symbol of feudal power of multiple dynasties that followed.

Frequent guided tours unveil the historical and ancient beauties of this historical landmark protected by the Superintendence of Fine Arts ("Belle Arti").

The Baraggia lays close to the mountains between river Sesia and the lower part of Biella region. Pure, impetuous waters flowing from Mont-Rose and the surrounding mountains were channeled to irrigate this precious land, dotted with castles and fortified ricettos, to preserve food products and to shelter the population from hostile raids.